I’m Wenchao Wang… I’m an engineer and I solve practical problems.

If you wish to Google me, search by my online handle libertylocked. My school email is ww1188 at nyu.edu

My favorite/best languages 🔥 (in no particular order)

  • TypeScript
  • Go
  • C#

I call myself a software engineer, not a programmer or coder, because I strongly believe that functionality is an asset, but code is a liability.

Brief intro

I studied Computer Engineering at University of Pittsburgh before attending New York University for Master’s in Computer Science. yes i have a 3.9 because school is too easy

I spend more time working on my own projects than school work. I more or less regret going to grad school, but I guess at least I get to learn about AI and computer vision which is what I’m really looking into right now.

I’m also an investor on the Ethereum blockchain. I think blockchain technology is the next breakthrough in computer science. It’s exciting to be part of this ecosystem and see all the new DApps that will come about.

But still, I’m really considering staying in academia though. I want to do research.

Currently living in NYC

I work part-time at NYU IT where we build apps and stuff for NYU staff and students worldwide. I’m a full-stack developer.

At least that’s my official job description. Here’s what I actually do:

  • Copying & pasting code from stack overflow
  • I spend more time sysadmin’ing 💩 than actually doing work
    • No, I’m not a real sysadmin
    • I Google things enough times I eventually remember them
    • Just have to thank: Stack Exchange, nixCraft, Digital Ocean
  • Micro-managing
  • Pen-testing our apps and API with nothing more than common sense
  • Editing Google Docs and Google Sheets
  • Doing demos and making system design flowcharts so that we get more budget

What I like about this job:

  • A lot of responsibility
  • A good learning opportunity for new technologies and applications
  • Awesome teammates ❤
  • Some projects are fun 😃
  • I get to look at people’s obviously exaggerated resumes

What I dislike about this job:

  • Not enough real work
  • All the chores I have to deal with 😏
  • Almost every single app is built with Node
    • Want to adopt TypeScript for everything ~~~

Did I mention I have a resume in VR?

It’s built with A-Frame and is kind of out-dated. My LinkedIn profile always has the most up-to-date information, so check that out if you wish to learn more or contact me.