Remember a couple months ago I wrote a Cleverbot powered Tinder? It was fun. This week I made another fun app with Tinder API.


Cognitive Services

I’ve been playing around with MS Cognitive Services, particularly the Computer Vision API It has the capability to generate a text caption for an image. This gave me an idea.

Terminal Tinder

Sometimes I use Tinder API to do some swiping on terminal, often without a desktop environment. It bothers me as I cannot see any pictures. Only if a computer can see the pics for me???

Cognitive Tinder

It is exactly what it sounds like. A terminal Tinder client that lets you swipe left/right on recommended profiles, with captions printed out for each picture.

“A woman holding a toothbrush” - damn she’s hot! - enters ‘y’

Source Code

here is the github repo for this fun little project.

Bonus: associated reddit post