Fixing cryptswap after disk repatition in Lubuntu 16.04 LTS

For a Windows-Linux dual boot setup

Cryptswap broke I have a Windows 10 / Lubuntu 16.04 dual boot setup. Recently I booted into Windows 10 and resized some partitions. Somehow that broke cryptswap, I’m guessing due to partition UUID being changed. ⚠⚠⚠ Please do not copy paste commands from this blog post. My configuration can be different than yours. You might lose your data! My swap partition is allocated on /dev/sda7 I have /dev/mapper/cryptswap1 that’s supposed to be mapped to /dev/sda7 Symptoms Every time I boot up it asks me for a passphrase to encrypt /dev/mapper/cryptswap1, when it is supposed to pull a random. [Read More]

Doing more with less code

Good old xargs ✨

The problem Every semester, our university gets a lot of new students coming in. Usually, we get some kind of CSV from every school. We figure out the format of the CSV they are using, then either use an existing Python script, or write a new script to import the students to the system. Swarmed by Python scripts Because everyone seems to have their own idea when it comes to spreadsheet format, pretty much every time I have to write a new script to deal with whatever CSV I’m importing. [Read More]