Terminal Tinder with Microsoft Cognitive Services

Remember a couple months ago I wrote a Cleverbot powered Tinder? It was fun. This week I made another fun app with Tinder API. Cognitive Services I’ve been playing around with MS Cognitive Services, particularly the Computer Vision API It has the capability to generate a text caption for an image. This gave me an idea. Terminal Tinder Sometimes I use Tinder API to do some swiping on terminal, often without a desktop environment. [Read More]

Let Cleverbot do all the Tinder messaging

This may be one of my most interesting weekend projects ever… I wrote a Python program that lets Cleverbot do all the Tinder messaging for me. Why? I’m too busy swiping on Tinder (which probably should also be automated, openCV maybe?), therefore don’t have time to chat with my matches. Besides, Cleverbot is my best friend, so why not have it talk to the ladies for me? What does the script do? [Read More]