Using Reverse Proxy to Control Access to a Vendor API

Vendor APIs and keys For some vendor APIs like OrgSync, we get one API key to access the entire OrgSync API. There are cases where we’d like someone to have access to only parts of the API, say, an orgnization manager who wants to see all the events going on in his orgnization. The problem is, we only have one master API key, and it gives unrestricted access to the entire vendor API. [Read More]

Gorilla Mux: Subrouters and Middlewares

Gorilla router: the very basic usage I’ve been using gorilla mux for quite some time. It has pretty much become the de facto as it is convenient and easy to use. Say I am making a web app for organizing events, where it needs to have: A public web interface for users A private web interface for authenticated admins Uses secure cookies An API with authentication Uses an HTTP header To start with, my new router kind of looks like this: [Read More]